The Closet Culinarian
The Closet Culinarian

Hello and welcome!

My name is Emily, and I am a recipe developer/tester.

I did not go to culinary school, and am no professional. I am purely self-taught. I tried for a very long time to do anything for a career other than cooking, and yet, no matter how hard I tried, I could not deny my true passion! 

On this site, I wish to create an environment that is pressure-free, fun, helpful, and inspirational.  Whether you have no kitchen experience or you have been at it for years, there will be something for you here! You will find resources for all of your picnic, weeknight, dinner party, beverage, or holiday needs.

I am here to provide recipes for people with little time to cook and/or people who have a low budget, but still wish to cook at home. Cooking at home is healthier and much easier on the wallet!

So, here it is! I hope that you enjoy my recipes, mistakes, and quirks. Everyone has a unique kitchen adventure, and I am stoked to share mine with you. 

So, pull up a seat, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy!

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Emily’s weekly recipes are the highlight of my week. It is so nice to have a new recipe idea sent to you regularly without having to sift through 1000’s of websites to find a keeper.
— Lindsey M. Dollerschell
I love this website! The recipes are original and doable. Everything I have tried here is fabulous. The pictures are gorgeous too. Finally a cooking website that isn’t plagued with pop ups or long lists of expensive ingredients.
— Rebecca M. Bleidorn
This site is an inspiring, fun, and pressure free zone. Whether you are just learning to cook or have been at it for years, there will be something for you here!
— Jennifer S. McIntyre