How to Keep Herbs Fresher, Longer

How to Keep Herbs Fresher, Longer

I love to buy/pick fresh herbs, but it is so frustrating when they go bad 3-4 days after you receive them! It may even discourage you from using fresh herbs, because you don't want to throw away your money when the herbs get all slimy in that plastic bag. It is a shame, because herbs are not only delicious, but so good for you as well.

After getting this little kitchen tip, the game completely changed for me. Now I buy fresh herbs without worry that I won't be able to use most of it before it goes bad, and I always have some in the fridge. The best part about this tip is that it is so simple and easy to do, and aside from the herbs themselves. you probably already have all of the supplies in your house!

My herbs now last 2-4 WEEKS as opposed to 3-4 days. How long your herbs will last all depends on what kind of herb you have chosen. Parsley, for example, lasted 3 weeks in my fridge. By that time I had used most of it. The parsley never really went bad, it just turned yellow and I assumed it wouldn't have tasted all that great anymore.

I am so excited to share this with you. I really hope you give it a try, because you will not regret it. So, here it is, my favorite kitchen tip I have ever gotten (so far)!


  • herbs in a bunch
  • 1 jam or pint jar, 2/3 of the way full of fresh water
  • 1 plastic storage bag (with or without zipper)
  • 1 rubber band (heck, I used a ponytail holder)
  • scissors


  1. Make sure there is a shelf space in your fridge tall enough for your jar and herbs once they are together.
  2. Wash the herbs well to make cooking more convenient later on. I have not personally had a problem with mine going bad more quickly as a result of this.
  3. Clip the very tips off of each stem to create a fresh end. Clipping off the dry ends will allow the herbs to absorb more water. Cut at an angle for an even better result.
  4. Place stems down into your jar, making sure that all stems are fully submerged. Depending on how short your stems are, you may need to add more water.
  5. Being sure not to bruise the herbs, place the plastic storage bag upside down over both the bunch of herbs and the jar. 
  6. Gather the bag around the jar in the center, trapping air inside the bag to give the herbs, well, plenty of room to be herbs.
  7. Stretch your rubber band over the plastic storage bag where you gathered it to seal it. You may want a buddy for this step.
  8. Finally, set the herb-hot-air-balloon in your fridge. You can expect these herbs to last for 2-4 weeks, depending on the herbs you have chosen.

The herbs pictured are curly parsley. These may even look cute on my kitchen table!

I am interested to know if anyone would like to read about more methods of herb preservation. Please leave a comment down below if you wish to see any of the following blog posts: freezing herbs, infusing herbs in olive oils/vinegars, making pesto, drying herbs, or making herb butter.

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