Strawberry Roses

This is a quick instructional on strawberry roses. They slightly tedious and a little tricky, but totally worth it. They make any dessert or fruit salad look CRAZY elegant. I love the natural fade to the tip of each "petal." This fancy little touch will make jaws drop! I will totally be doing this every time I am making a strawberry-themed dessert from now on.

This is the instructional for the roses I placed atop my chocolate-covered strawberry trifle.

  1. Remove leaves form strawberry, and if necessary, cut as little as possible off of the base so that the strawberry doesn't fall over easily when you set it up.
  2. With a sharp knife, cut straight down all the way around the bas 4-5 times, about a half inch in hight. Cut as close to the bottom as you feel safe. The closer, the better, but be careful not to cut the petal off completely.
  3. Continue cutting straight down for a second or third row, alternating like a fish scale pattern. If the top is too thick, cut it in half carefully,being careful not to detach it. Remember, its base will be very thin.
  4. With your knife or a tooth pick, pull petals out to your desired distance from the middle, being very cautious not to break them off. 

Here is a pin-able photo for Pinterest! 

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Trifle.png